Nagham & Ahmed - A Day at Home

After getting out of summer and the wedding frenzy I was in, I realized, I wanted to take 10 steps back and just focus on one thing: connection. I've had this idea for a while, it's not ground breaking or anything. My point was that I wanted to really know how a couple are really like together, alone, when no one is watching. While photographing a couple in their best outfits, made up professionally, being posed in a certain way that conveys happiness is rewarding, its not necessarily always honest. So, I posted about looking for a couple who would be up for me just stalking them for a day, Nagham and Ahmed gladly volunteered. I went into their welcoming home, asked them a bunch of nosy and personal questions and just watched from a distance, but watched closely. 

Best part for me was watching how personalities that were once independent have merged together and made a home. Nagham is quirky and has such a big heart. Ahmed is quieter, and values family and through that, loves Nagham in his own way. Their usual weekend is having a semi-slow morning then having the afternoon and evening for friends and family. At this point, I'll let the pictures do the rest. I hope you enjoy! This was definitely amazing to do, and hope I can do more of those in the future.