At Home Session - Zara & Hassam

This shoot was and is still quite special to me because of these two. On my less busy months, I wanted to be able to shoot something a little more intimate and basically hang out with my camera in hand. We had so many wonderful conversations that day, lots of heart to heart and at times I forgot to lift my camera to grab a frame. Either way, I ended up with these few photos that are dear to my heart

Lamya & Kassem - Intimate Backyard Wedding

When I got to Lamya & Kassem’s wedding, I could not believe that they planned everything in a matter of few weeks at their family home! I was approached last minute and thankfully I was available to document these two and their love for one another. Lamya looked effortlessly beautiful and Kassem was absolutely smitten by her and it was so lovely to watch and be able to document their love.

Hart House: Zahra & Sebastian

Zahra and Sebastian live in the UK, but Zahra growing up in Toronto and having a lot of family and friends here decided to celebrate their wedding in Toronto! The second I chatted with these two, we clicked right away. Zahra and Sebastian's love is so special, they met each other in university going through their masters degree, and Sebastian knew he was going to be marrying Zahra from the first meeting. They love each other intentionally and deeply and love everyone around them just the same. I hope you enjoy a bit of their story!

Venue: Hart House, University of Toronto

Dress: Minna Hepburn

Makeup: Glam Galz Inc.


May & Ahmad

I met May when I was in my first year of university, I remember thinking how similar our upbringing is and whenever we spoke about family, and what we value, I always found myself in everything she spoke about. When I got engaged, May shortly got engaged after me. So again, I found myself going to her to tell her about everything from wedding planning, to more importantly, the plethora of feelings that you go through when you're in that process because she was going through the same whirlwind as well. Friendship can be funny sometimes, being in it, you experience life and you keep going without pausing and really evaluating what it all means to you. Then May spoke to me about possibly having a shoot with Ahmad, after the shoot, I was looking through the photos and I felt ridiculously overwhelmed. The shoot provided me with opportunity to have a moment to pause, remember everything this gorgeous lady has gone through and see her in love with someone who makes her happy. I was able to evaluate all the bits and pieces that came together to this moment and I felt so grateful that I got to be part of that journey, just as I am grateful that she was part of mine. 

So, goes without saying, these photos are dear to my heart and I hope you enjoy x

Iman & Omar

Iman coming from a Moroccan background and Omar coming from a Palestinian background resulted in a wedding full of festivities. Iman had a few entrances with different types of Kaftans while guests danced traditionally to Palestinian music. Beyond all the glam and stunning dresses, you could always catch Iman and Omar giving each other loving glances. Their love was wonderful to witness, I mean the first look alone was just beautiful and raw. 

I hope you enjoy going through these! x

Tania & Faseeh

I met Tania quite some time ago now, I had the honour to be photograph her and Faseeh on several occasions throughout the past year, I photographed their engagement shoot, then their small ceremony, henna night and finally the big day. I am so blessed to have met these two and to have experienced someone put so much trust in me, I'm beyond grateful. It's always bittersweet getting to know a couple well and have to document such big moments in their lives, it still baffles me that I get to do this as a job. 

I hope you enjoy this! x 

Whistle Bear Golf Club: Zeina & Mohamed

When I first spoke to Zeina over Skype, I was in Jordan, she was in Toronto and Mohamed was in San Francisco so the call kept cutting up. But I noticed two things right away, how genuinely sweet Zeina was, and how infectious Mohamed's laugh was! Fast forward a few months later, we met up for coffee where we got to chat more and I left the meeting feeling so much more excited to be spending the weekend documenting them (and Hana and Moez). There are weddings I photograph that I can't really explain why or how, but they just feel good. It might be that it was because I've spent a good amount of time getting to know the family, or maybe because I knew a good amount of people that I've worked with before, or maybe it was all the love that was oozing out of everyone there. Either way, I left the wedding smiling feeling so fortunate to be doing this as a job. I feel even more fortunate to have met Zeina and Mohamed and was able to document their beautiful love and I can whole heartedly say that I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Parts of this wedding was kept private but I wanted to share the rest nonetheless! Hope you enjoy!