Hello! I’m Aya :)

My life is made up of the people I love; my wonderful husband, my brothers, the most supportive parents, my loving grandparents and my dearest friends. I was born in Jordan in the city of Amman, a country that I deeply appreciate the history and culture of; it has made its way into the little knots that makeup the fabric of who I am. I'm also proud to have settled in Toronto the other half of my life, and it has become very much home.

Being a creative has always been part of my identity. It has helped me find a voice when I didn’t know what I wanted to say. Fortunately for me, it lead me to the most incredible opportunities and has introduced me to wonderful people. My goal is to archive what people feel. I started photographing weddings because of the stories they carry, and how much they highlight love, joy, pain and loss. I try to document that, and package it for you to feel again and again with your partner and loved ones for years to come.