Salma & Fady

As a photographer, I find myself really pouring my heart out in the times I'm shooting. I try my best to connect to the people I photograph because without connection, I'm just an outsider snapping pictures of people I probably won't see again. But, Salma and Fady, the day we met, they both were so laid back and down to earth. I felt like I was sitting with old friends. When their wedding day came, Salma's mom welcomed me with open arms and the whole family just trusted me without question.  Fady's dad couldn't make it to Toronto from Egypt for the wedding, and his family have gone through a lot of hardship, they surprised his dad by live streaming the whole wedding online for him, and its as if he was there. When Fady saw his dad, no one had a dry eye around him. These two are incredibly loved by so many and for a good reason. 

Thank you guys for letting me part of your stunning day. You were a beautiful end to a beautiful wedding season, I wish you both from the bottom of my heart a life full of happiness. 

Please press play and hope you connect to these photos as much as I did.