Ryan & Andrea - Destination Vow Renewal

This was the most challenging shoot I've ever done. It started as a leap of faith, connecting people from several parts of the world to meet in one place, to create an event for love. I arrived to Amman, Jordan, and a couple of weeks later, I travelled by bus for four hours to Petra. On the way my stomach was turning, I felt anxious because it was something I've never done. Little did I know that I was about to meet two beautiful souls, who love each other beyond anything I can imagine. I met Steph who coordinated the event who had a beautiful story of her own. 
I left the next day after hiking for a few hours up the mountains of Petra and I felt absolutely alive. I promised myself that I'd take more leaps of faith from now on, that I'd put myself in places like the Treasury in the middle of the night where its pitch black, with absolutely no natural light to work with. That the only way to truly grow is to find yourself in the most unpredictable situations. 

Thank you Lisa and Alex for connecting us all together, thank you Steph for making all this magic happen, and thank you Ryan and Andrea for trusting us, loving each other and doing things few people dare to do.