Zara & Hassam

When I first met Zara, I was visiting family back home and we decided to do a Skype session. I always love meeting in person, you get a better sense of who they are and how compatible you are to work together better. Regardless, because of time difference, it was late where I was and she was exhausted from work, but we managed to hit it off and had a meeting that lasted over 3 hours. Fast forward a few months later, we met to discuss engagement shoot ideas, after blabbering for an hour about what makes a meaningful shoot, Hassam speaks up and tells me about a few special places he shares with Zara. Right away, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the shoot. 
I mean it when I say, that these two are so beautiful together. They're as real as real gets. They embrace who they are and are not naive about what loving someone means. They laugh together, they laugh at each other, they struggle together and they stick together. I was privileged enough to shoot twice with them. The second shoot was maybe one of my favorite shoots ever, every photo I love and hold dear to my heart! I truly hope you enjoy this one!